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Every quarter, The SIOR Report magazine publishes an ongoing series of articles co-authored by David Liebman on topics relevant to office and industrial leasing and contracts. Check out current articles below, and previous years in our Archived Articles.

Tenant's Acceptance of Lease Premises: May the Tenant Always Beware

(SIOR Report, Winter 2019)

This quarter we address some of the ramifications of the clause providing for tenant’s acceptance of lease premises. We identify pitfalls to consider…

"As Is, Where Is": Leveling The Field Between Tenants And Landlords

(SIOR Report, Fall 2019)

Many brokers of industrial leases negotiate “second generation space,” meaning space in a building that is or has been previously occupied and no longer new. Many of these …

Industrial Tenant Rep Due Diligence: Covering The Bases For Our Clients

(SIOR Report, Summer 2019)

As we negotiate the right lease for our industrial tenant clients, it is critical that we focus on several recurring topics which could impact those tenants economically,…

Gross Up Clauses: A Method For Equitable Cost Sharing Between Landlord And Tenant, Or Accounting Magic For Landlords?

(SIOR Report, Spring 2019)

In our many years of working on commercial leases, as both broker (David) and as counsel (Jim) …

The Fine Art Of Preparation, Including Drafting Requests For Proposal And Letters Of Intent

(SIOR Report, Winter 2018)

It is often said that our practice as real estate professionals is more art than science. This is most appropriate in drafting both letters of intent …

Holdover Rent Clauses: Don’t Let This Ticking Bomb Explode!

(SIOR Report, Fall 2018)

In lease negotiations, a holdover clause in a commercial lease often does not receive the attention it should as its ultimate impact is not as immediate as many other…

Security Deposit: TBD –
Neither A Good Idea
Nor Necessary

(SIOR Report, Summer 2018)

Typically, when I receive a letter of intent (“LOI”) for a lease transaction, I see one of the following treatments of the all-important security deposit issue…

Exercising Options To Renew, Extend Or Cancel Leases: It’s Not Just When But How You Do It (SIOR Report, Spring

(SIOR Report, Spring 2018)

The Landlord wants the certainty of occupancy and a steady income stream from the property. Conversely, the Tenant wants flexibility …

Articles and Panel Presentations

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What Should CRE Expect From The Next Mayor Of Chicago? (Bisnow, September 2018)

September 5, 2018

Mayor Rahm Emanuel surprised Chicago after Labor Day by declining to run for a third term. Come next spring, there will be a new mayor of Chicago.

CRE at the Intersection of Industrial and Retail (Sior Panel Discussion)

July 17, 2018

It is not simply the Amazon-ization of commerce that is causing shifts: shifts in building, shifts in transportation,” said moderator Ronald  Leibman…

Cell Tower Leases: BIG
Value-Adds for Commercial and Industrial Properties (NIREM)

June 1, 2018

With the rise of last-mile distribution, industrial property owners are seeing high returns on their investments. But those owners can add even…

The main event: How the post-recession era is affecting industrial real estate

February 26, 2018

With the economic recession firmly in the rearview mirror, companies that manufacture and distribute consumer goods are seeing consistent growth again…

Merit Partners completes sale-leaseback of Mundelein industrial property

January 24, 2018

David Liebman, SIOR, JD, managing broker of Merit Partners, LLC, was the sole broker in a sale-leaseback for a 38,543-square-foot industrial building in Mundelein…

Staying Full: Tenant advocates help users and keep markets strong (IREJ)

March 17, 2017

Last year was a banner year for Chicago industrial real estate properties, and the trend is continuing this year. Ecommerce companies are zeroing in..

Executive Spotlight:
David Liebman, Merit Partners
(Commercial Property

May 26, 2016

The Midwest’s industrial real estate market has recovered and thrived over the last two years, and veteran industrial property broker David Liebman…

Merit Partners’ David Liebman says these are the five questions you should ask before you design-build

June 2, 2016

For end users who need specialized facilities for warehousing and manufacturing, or have compressed completion time frames, qualified…

Two Chicago
industrial LEEDers
appointed major SIOR
national roles (IREJ)

May 26, 2016

David Liebman, managing broker at Merit Partners, will be serving his first year of a two-year term as Speaker of the Chapter Leadership Council…

Venture One acquires 21,790-square-foot building in Gurnee (IREJ)

March 21, 2016

Venture One Real Estate through its acquisition fund, VK Industrial III, LP has closed on the acquisition of a 21,790 square foot vacant…

Market position roundtable: Where bricks and clicks collide (IREJ)

January 5, 2016

E-commerce is changing supply chains and retail distribution strategies at a rapid pace. But are warehouses and distribution centers evolving…

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